Baby Showers

Sunshine Yellow and Green Baby Shower

I love designing baby showers a lot, I especially love making a new mommy feel special.

This little baby shower we designed at a 5 star hotel restaurant was for a friend of a friend.

It was a small space with really  French windows  that made the sun filter in so beautifully. Seeing this we decided to keep the party colours nice and bright hence the sunshine yellow and the lime green.

The brief was to keep everything simple yet classy and I think, as you will, on seeing the pictures, we managed to nail that brief!

Sweet balloon bouquets at the entrance..

A simple yet pretty photo backdrop

Name tags for the friends of the mommy to be who don’t know each other.. And a pretty sash for her!

Baby shower games to keep the guests entertained.

This is my favourite, little wish notes that guests can fill for the new baby.

Since it was such a fresh party we felt a little potted plant would be an amazing favour… which it was!

If you liked what you see be sure to get in touch with us… our details are in the contact us section!

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